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With this post I've decided to share a couple of bands that are starting 2006 in different stages of the internet hype machine.

We Are Scientists walk the same indie-rock-dance-punk line that has made bands like The Killers, Bloc Party, and Franz Ferdinand international stars.

The New York trio released their first major label LP in the UK last fall. Taking full advantage of the months of hype that was built by early rave reviews, last week they released the album, "With Love and Squalor", in North America. With an album chalked full of catchy radio-ready singles, We Are Scientists are likely to come out of 2006 with legions of fans, legions of haters, and a guest spot on The O.C.

Check out their official site for additional music.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (first single)
We Are Scientists - Inaction (gets my vote for second single)


The hype around the oddly named Eagle*Seagull has just begun. Their story and music has recently begun popping up in several of the more influential MP3 Blogs and the great praise has made them early front runners for 2006's first "Next Big Thing". The surprising part? They're not from Montreal!

Of course this hasn't stopped people from comparing them to Montreal's favorite sons The Arcade Fire. Though the comparison may be setting the bar a little high too early, there are definatly musical similarities that warrent relating Eagle*Seagull to previous "next big thing" champions like TAF and Wolf Parade.

The 3 songs below are available for download from their official web site and you can hear more over at their MySpace page

Eagle*Seagull - Photograph
Eagle*Seagull - Your Beauty Is A Knife I Turn On My Throat
Eagle*Seagull - Death Could Be at The Door


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Blogger 4indie said...

I really like this band their sound is great. They are actually being featured on mtvu right now. you should check it out: www.mtvu.com/music/house_band/

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