Do You Hear What I Hear

Just a few of the songs that have been getting 'repeat' treatment from me over the last week.

The Knife - Heartbeats
Genre: electro-pop
>>>>The Knife are Swedish duo Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson. "Heartbeats" is the standout track from their 2004 album Deep Cuts. You can hear more songs from that album, and their soon to be released album Silent Shout on their MySpace page.

Fashionmagazine - The Cold
Genre: indie-pop, brit-pop
>>>>I (accidentally) stumbled across Fashionmagazine's first promo release Better Than Sumner the other day. Having never heard of them, I gave the 5 songs on the EP a few listens and was pleased. After doing some research, it turns out Fashionmagazine call thier Switzerland home and this promo is their first recorded release. Check out "The Cold" and a few other tracks on their MySpace page.

Birdmonster - All The Holes In The Walls
Genre: indie-rock
>>>>Birdmonster is a San Francisco based band that has the potential to break out huge this year. Having already drawn rave reviews for a 3 song EP released last year, and hyped up tours with indie rock darlings The National and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Birdmonster recently started recording their first LP. Read all about it in their Studio Blog while listening to "All The Holes In The Walls" or the rest of the EP.

Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
Genre: rock, singer/songwriter
>>>>I first discovered Joseph Arthur about 3 years ago, and every few months or so I break out his records and become obsessed all over again. Well, thanks to it's perfect appearance in last week's Scrubs episode I've once again been obsessing over "In The Sun" and the rest of his Come to Where I'm From album. If you've never heard of Joseph Arthur, check out his official site to hear more.


Blogger jeffro said...

i was pretty psyched to hear Joseph Arthur on Scrubs, too! "exhausted" is one of my favorite songs of all time.

12:40 PM  

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