I Get Up In The Evening, And I Ain't Got Nothing To Say

A little of this, a little of that. A few covers and a few new songs to share.

The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous (radio edit)
>>>>New single from the best band in the UK. Their next album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living may be the album I am looking forward the most to in the next few months. It's scheduled to be released on April 10th. This song doesn't dissapoint, and I can honestly say that Mike Skinner is the only man I would listen to sing about how he cannot get himself a celebrity girlfriend. Priceless. Official Site.

The New Amsterdams - Turn The Light Out
>>>>Since we'll never get another Get Up Kids album, we have to make due with Matt Pryor's offshoot The New Amsterdams (even if the last two NewAms albums have been weak). "Turn Out The Light" is the first single from the upcoming NewAms album Story Like A Scar which will be released next month. The song gives me a little hope that the new album will be a solid one, returning to the strengths of their early releases. Check out the NewAms official site for more info, and more downloads including their entire "Killed or Cured" LP from last year which can be downloaded for free.

Guns N' Roses - I.R.S. (demo)
>>>>Seriously. This leak hit the 'net last night and reading the responses of the die hard salivating Gn'R fans was amusing. I have no comment on the song. However, I do think that if I were to spend more than a decade, and 10 million dollars making an album, I would be damn sure to be keeping better control over my demos.

Petra Haden - God Only Knows
>>>>As wrong as it seems to cover this song, everyone seems to do it anyway. So, I will publicize Petra Haden because her rendition is faithful to the song. Listen to the song, and naturally think to yourself, "I wonder what it would sound like if she covered Michael Jackson's Thriller?"...then go find out.

Pete Yorn - Dancin In The Dark/Murray (live)
>>>>Pet Yorn prefaces one of his best songs with a cover of the Springsteen classic. Not sure what Pete's been up to lately, but check out his MySpace page for more music.

The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
>>>>No real reason to share this song, other than the fact that it's been stuck in my head all day for no reason, and its a nice upbeat way to end the post. Visit the official site for more from The Russian Futurists.


I'll Come Running With A Heart On Fire

Current playlist. Repeat as necessary.

Jens Lekman - Pocketful of Money
>>>>Still trying to track down an MP3 of Beat Happening's song "Gravedigger Blues" which Jens samples so perfectly in this song. Jens Lekman is cooler than you.
> Website > AllMusic

Jens Lekman - Black Cab
>>>>"You don't anything / so don't ask any questions / just turn the music up / and keep your mouth shut"
> Website > AllMusic

Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing
>>>>Rocky Votolato was a nice little secret this morning. Tonight his "OC" cherry was broken, and by the morning he will be the fantasy of millions of 16 year old girls. Watch out Conner, he's coming for your title.
> Website > MySpace

Syd Matters - Black and White Eyes
>>>>The best thing to come out of France since...(insert your own joke here).
> Website > MySpace

Meg and Dia - Setting Up Sunday
>>>>With a sound that's somewhere between Tegan & Sara and Eisley, these girls are my favourite new discovery in months. Check out their MySpace page below to here more great tracks, especially the standouts "Masterpiece" and "Indiana".
> Website > MySpace

Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac
>>>>This song, and the rest of those on Rosanne's new album are self-explantory, and amazing. I think i'll be writing about it more at a later date.
> Website > AllMusic


Synonyms Need Not Apply

According to his official bio, half-Swedish, half-Spanish singer/songwriter Daniel Cirera is a legend in his homeland of Sweden. After listening to his soon to be first North American single "Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex-Girlfriend" I was surprised to find out that he was both a) from Sweden and b) legendary.

It's not that his music isn't good enough to garner rave reviews, but I was surprised that so many people would appreciate his philosphy of straight forward lyrical content, no matter how abrasive it may sound. In his own words: "For me, words are like spices – you use them to enhance the flavor. This is exactly what I do. Why even bother looking for a synonym of what you want to say just because the word you have in your head is politically incorrect – it’s just a waste of time…and flavor."

Recently signed to Tommy Boy Records in North America, it'll be interesting to see how he's received here.

>>>Daniel Cirera - Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex-Girlfriend

Click here to listen to a few more of songs, "Roadtrippin'" has single potential, and the cover of "Anarcy In The UK" is interesting.

>>>>Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle


I'm Not Addicted To Oil, It Tastes Funny

Julia (Anne) - Autumn and Her Magic Tricks

Julia (Anne) - The Sparrow Song

>>>>Julia (Anne) I hardly knew you...in fact I hardly know you...because there is absolutely no information about you on the internet. It's always fun to hear something from a new artist when you've heard absoutely nothing about them, its actually quite rare for me to be able to do so. At times Julia sounds like she's just channeling Tori Amos, but I like her voice. Songs from "Flight EP".

I've been ripping some of my cd's from the 90's into MP3 this week; I miss Can-Rock:

Salmonblaster - Freeway

Sandbox - Curious

Pluto - Sweet Sound


Cyndi Lauper ft. Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday - Money Changes Everything (Video)

The Ultimate Showdown (credit to Dean or he'll bitch)