Chaos Tastes Minty

Despite not getting over the fact that Thursday had to drop off the tour earlier in the week, the Taste of Chaos show yesterday turned out to be worth the horrific bus ride it took to get to the venue. Although The Deftones also put on a great performance, the show was all about Thrice to me, and they did not dissapoint.

Things that I learned, I am:
(a) still too tall for the mosh pit, as the bruise on the side of my head will attest
(b) far too old for the mosh pit, as my sore body will also attest
(c) dissapointed in myself for actually paying $6.25 to drink Molson Canadian(s)

Thrice - Deadbolt
>>>>As great as all of the new material from Vheissu sounded live, it turned out that the highlight of the night for me was when they unexpectedly closed the set with an outstanding version of "Deadbolt" from 2002's The Illusion of Safety. Download the album version above.
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Kanye West/José González - Get 'Em High/Lovestain
>>>>I'm usually not much of a fan of mash-ups, and it's very rare that I come across one where I think it's improved on the original tracks. However, when I Guess I'm Floating posted this track last week I had to briefly jump the mash-up fence. It seems that Los Angeles DJ/Producer Dert has taken José González's brilliant Veneer album and "...reworked and blended with verses from some of today’s most elite underground and mainstream emcees..." to create the album Sometimes I Rhyme Slow. Since in its original form, "Get 'Em High" was likely my least favourite track on Kanye's debut album, I recommend checking out this more laid back version that Dert has crafted using the backbone of González's "Lovestain". To learn more about, and hear other songs from Sometimes I Rhyme Slow check out Dert's Myspace page.

I Mother Earth - 0157:H7
>>>>I have two reasons for posting this track: 1) this blog severly lacks in IME content, and that just will not do; and 2) tonight I will be checking out the first of Brian Byrne's bookstore performances. The former frontman for IME, Byrne will be performing at a series of Chapters/Indigo stores for free around Toronto in April, and then other parts of Canada next month. Check out his recently renovated website for more details, and check my earlier post to hear some of his solo work.
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