I'm Not Addicted To Oil, It Tastes Funny

Julia (Anne) - Autumn and Her Magic Tricks

Julia (Anne) - The Sparrow Song

>>>>Julia (Anne) I hardly knew you...in fact I hardly know you...because there is absolutely no information about you on the internet. It's always fun to hear something from a new artist when you've heard absoutely nothing about them, its actually quite rare for me to be able to do so. At times Julia sounds like she's just channeling Tori Amos, but I like her voice. Songs from "Flight EP".

I've been ripping some of my cd's from the 90's into MP3 this week; I miss Can-Rock:

Salmonblaster - Freeway

Sandbox - Curious

Pluto - Sweet Sound


Cyndi Lauper ft. Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday - Money Changes Everything (Video)

The Ultimate Showdown (credit to Dean or he'll bitch)


Blogger pop-kid said...

Sandbox's Bionic is a great CD and Curious in particular is a fantastic single. Thanks for the reminder.

12:44 AM  

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